Getting Your Texas License To Carry (LTC) Explained In Full

online texas ltc course

Having a Texas concealed handgun permit means you have the freedom to protect your family when they need it the most. While the process may look confusing at first, it’s incredibly simple. We’ll walk you through it in detail right now. For cheaper than the cost of a nice steak dinner for 2, you’ll quickly get all you need to protect you and your family with a Texas license to carry.

Taking The Texas LTC Online Class

The first step on this journey is passing through the Texas LTC online course. You’ll blow through it with ease and get on to the next step in no time. It all starts right here. For $50, you can breeze through the online course while learning some valuable information.

This first step is critical because it’s where you’ll start to learn things you didn’t know. It should take you 4 hours to work your way through the online course. Feel free to go through it at your own pace. You’ll learn many interesting concepts about what it means to be entrusted with a Texas concealed carry license.

Complete a LTC Shooting Qualification

After you leap through the Texas conceal handgun online course, it’s time to follow up with your local instructor to complete your shooting proficiency exam. Don’t worry, you don’t need any paperwork to get started. When getting your completing your in person firearm instruction, you can just get started with your State Identification card or another form of ID and your generated LTC-101 from the online LTC class.

This is going to be the fun part of the process. It can feel like going on an adventure to be the best marksman you can. We’ve partnered with certified instructors to make the process easy for you. Just promise you’ll do your best.

Getting Approved By The Department of Public Safety

Now that you’re running through this list, it’s time to submit your LTC online application to the Department of Public Safety (DPS). Here’s the tricky part. Once you apply, your application will remain open until you submit your supporting documentation.

Now, you’re probably thinking, “what supporting documentation.” We’ll get into that in just a second. Right now, I want to explain how the Texas Department of Public Safety has its own fee schedule. Here it is:
● $40 Standard Fee for Initial License
● $25 Military Veteran – ETS or Retired over 365 days
● $0 Active Duty – Includes Active Guard, Texas State Guard & Reserves

Schedule Your Fingerprint Appointment

Things are starting to get serious. One of the last things you’ll do is get fingerprinted for your Texas concealed carry permit. Having your license to carry in Texas is more of a public service than anything else. It’s a privilege to have the right to protect the people you love and care for.

Once you have submitted your application, you will receive a computer generated letter from with a personalized link to schedule fingerprints OR you may visit the DPS website “Fingerprint Services” OR call (888) 467-2080 and provide Service Code 119Q91. Now that you have completed this step, the last thing to do is finish uploading your LTC-101 to get everything processed. Boom. Bam. Bob’s your uncle.

If you still need more assistance on acquiring your Texas concealed carry license, please visit our FAQ page.