Things To Consider When Getting Your Texas Concealed Carry Permit

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Everyone from experienced shooters to beginners always imagines what it’s like having a Texas CCW. It can be really easy to begin feeling in a position of power when walking around with your license to carry. We created this post to help anyone beginning the Texas online LTC process to understand their privileges and some of the cool questions they’ll need to answer as an LTC holder.

Having your Texas concealed carry license is a badge of honor. As with any great power, comes great responsibility. The original Peter Parker from Spiderman taught us that. Let’s quickly run through some considerations you’ll have to make so you can get back to firing rounds at your local range.

What Does My LTC Allow Me To Carry?

While it would be cool if your Texas handgun license allowed you to strap heavy artillery to your pick up, that’s not quite possible. Shotguns, rifles, and especially machine guns don’t fall under the Texas LTC privileges. You’ll be able to carry a handgun only. Interesting factoid, you actually don’t need a license to carry a long gun but that’s a story for another time.

Technically, there is no minimum or maximum caliber you can carry with a concealed carry permit. That means you’re free to walk around with your Dirty Harry as much as you want. Just keep in mind that carrying a firearm also brings into the question of comfortability. Perhaps, a sleek and compact 9 mm might be more practical than a huge chrome .50 caliber desert eagle.

The Best Concealed Carry Texas Pistol

There are a few schools of thought on this topic. We like to break it down into the categories of western versus modern. Many people like the feel and look of an antique long barrel revolver hanging out of an all-leather, handmade holster. Others enjoy packing mini pistols in their bra. Your average Tactical Jock is obsessed with accessories, patches, belts, ammo magazines and anything else to help get “the look.” What’s your style?

We feel that the most practical weapon to use with your Texas license to carry is a semi-automatic 9mm handgun. Sleek compatibility combined with an adequate caliber provides ultimate personal protection as well as an agile comfortability.

How Well Did I Learn To Shoot In My Texas Concealed Carry Class?

Another factor that helps determine what gun you need is your skill level. How well can you shoot? If you are a beginner and a first time concealed carry permit holder, perhaps you should consider brandishing a 9mm caliber over a .45. Typically less recoil and a smaller stopping power may provide a bit more comfortability for you.

Which Type of Holster Is Best For My Concealed Carry?

The strong side hip is the most popular place to wear your holster. Unfortunately, that doesn’t stop shoulder holster wearing Camo Cowboys from getting creative. The type of holster that’s best for your Texas LTC will depend on the gun you have.

Additionally, holsters are such extremely personalized items that you want to find something that works for you. If you’re a first-time gun owner, don’t feel hesitant to go out and shop. Try on holsters to get a feel for the different varieties. See which works best for you. Everyone has a certain preference for the way they draw their weapon. While certain arms training techniques are pretty standard. People still have their ways of doing things. The most important thing is finding a holster that you feel most confident in utilizing.

Are you ready to take the course? Let’s get your Texas LTC process started today.